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Cardi B Asked A Strange Question That Nobody Was Thinking About

I do not want to know the answer to this

Cardi B just asked the public a very odd question, and honestly, I don't want to know the answer. The rapper tweeted out at 8:06am on Friday morning that she was wondering about how urine would taste, and absolutely no one—I mean, save for maybe three dudes on Reddit—was thinking about that until Cardi boldly woke up the internet.

"I wonder how pee taste like," Cardi typed up and sent into the digital void, most likely after just having woken up.

And, for those who were wondering if she'd been hacked, she clarified that it was really her asking such big questions at that early hour. "I'm not hacked I just wonder if it got a bland taste or is it salty," she captioned a fan's reply.

When another fan replied that there was "only one way to find out," my initial thought was, ah, yes, Google for the answer. I'm sure someone already figured it out! But, no. Cardi had other ideas, replying, "YEUP.....can you drink my pee and tell me?" Please, Cardi, delete this before the weirdos of the internet crawl out of whatever hole they live in and start to bid on your pee.