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If You're Worried About Your Saturn Return, Listen To This Song

Ellis' confessional bedroom pop tackles the subject with wide-eyed clarity

Ontario's Linnea Siggelkow makes hazy, confessional bedroom pop under the moniker Ellis. Right now, she's gearing up to release her debut album,Born Again, a sprawling record that she says journeys through her years post-university and her efforts to find herself. In that same vein of discovery and growth, Siggelkow's final single "saturn return" connects her earthly trials with those astrological, and NYLON is premiering the track and accompanying video.

In astrology, a Saturn return refers to the period of time when the planet arrives back at the same position it was the moment you were born, usually taking 27 to 29 years for each revolution. It's regarded as a period of profound change and growth, and though one could see it as a time of turbulence and instability — like the quarter-life crisis — Ellis is looking to hers as an opportunity to finally bloom. "I will look into the mirror and I will not be ashamed/ Turn my face up to the sky and I will not be afraid," she sings over shimmering, building synths. When the hook arrives, it lands with a cathartic crash: "Sitting and watching as everything burns/ Making way for my Saturn return."

In the Michael Pugacewicz-directed video, Siggelkow performs the song alone in a room, as different versions of herself cycle across the screen. Hear the track below, and read on to learn more about Siggelkow and how she's been keeping herself busy while in lockdown.

What are you doing right now — describe your surroundings.

I am currently shut away in my apartment in the same giant grey hoodie I've been wearing for the past four days straight with my cat, my partner, and waaaay too much soup (I really overdid it with the soup-making).

Tell me a bit about "Saturn Return." How did it come about?

Saturn return is an astrological term for the time in your life where Saturn literally returns to the same place in its orbit that it was the moment you were born. The first one happens in your late twenties, and it's a time of radical transformation. I am in mine now and have been feeling it big time! I wrote this record while reflecting on all the ways my life is changing right now, reconciling things from the past and making space to move forward into the next chapter.

How does it feel to be releasing a new project in this current moment amid coronavirus?

It feels like I've been working my whole life towards this moment, and it's obviously nothing like I imagined it would be. I've spent a long time pouring over these songs, giving all of myself to the process of making this record in anticipation of its release and the touring associated with it, so all of this has been devastating. For an artist like me, touring is one of the most important ways to have your music heard. There is never a good time for something like this to happen, but for me personally, the timing couldn't be worse.

How have you been spending your days?

I have been keeping busy thinking of creative ways to connect with people, both musically and personally. I have started recording some home videos as a way to share my songs now that touring isn't an option. I am also spending a lot of time talking to friends on the phone — staying connected to community is so important in times like these!

What's one way fans can support indie/small musicians right now?

Stream your favorite artist's songs wherever you listen to music! Buy hard copies of their records! Buy their merch! And share the music you love with your friends. Every little bit helps! <3