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8@8: your morning scoop

see taylor swift’s nyc pad

by leah cunningham

Today is…

Always Live Better Than Yesterday Day

News of the Day:

+ Now spinning means business. If you're a cycling fiend, and want to invest your money in something you love, SoulCycle has officially filed for an IPO to go public.

+ When you choose the Airbnb option, it is usually to save money. But if you're Mariah Carey, you can really do anything you want—like pay $10,000 a night for a house in Malibu on Airbnb. Can we come hang out, Mariah?

+ The television series Empire added a new guest-starring cast member who is no stranger to the entertainment world: 18-year-old singer Becky G.

+ The internet basically exploded with excitement yesterday when Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson joined Instagram, and her first image is none other than a sweaty selfie.

+ Ever wonder what it's like to live like Taylor Swift? Check out this inside look at her penthouse apartment in New York City—that costs $20 million.

Deal of the Day:

Get up to 70% off summer styles at H&M.

Quote of the Day:

"As long as you take every opportunity to learn more about yourself and fall more in love with yourself every day, you’re doing good."— Zendaya 

Gif of the Day: