Melody Han You


You Can Now Turn Your Favorite Album Into A Commemorative Store Receipt

Melody Han You’s ‘Album Receipts’ brings surreal physicality to your favorite albums.

In the span of musical history, fans have always come up with innovative and creative ways to celebrate their favorite artists and albums. From DIY fan merch and band T-shirts, to what’s basically morphed into its own diverse cottage industry of bespoke paintings of album covers, psychedelic fan art, animated fan sketches, and more — the advent of technology and social media has given people new ways to share and build upon their favorite music.

A recent viral project doing exactly that is Album Receipts, an ongoing digital art series by artist Melody Han You that reimagines a beloved album track list as a store receipt, bring a surreal sense of physicality to a typically overlooked part of an album’s packaging (that’s nowadays also largely regulated to the digital realm only, RIP CDs). The images, underlaid with the album’s actual cover, look exactly like the long flimsy slips you’d receive from a grocery store, crinkles and creases included. And although these images still only live in the virtual world — for now — they’ve taken off online with swaths of fans visiting You’s Instagram page daily to put in requests for new albums. But, now, that’s changing.

You, in partnership with 10:22PM, Universal Music Group’s next-gen label for brands and digital creators, has unveiled the Album Receipts Generator, which will now allow anyone to create their own commemorative receipt. All that’s required is for you to connect the generator to your Spotify or Apple Music account and — voila! A receipt is ready for you to share, post, and, maybe, further DIY.

You originally began Album Receipts as a student art project back in March 2020, that bygone liminal era when the hottest thing on Instagram was figuring out what bird/frog/animal you were. “During lockdown, I was looking for a way to reach people through my love of art and music and I’ve been blown away by the reception. Working with Celine and 10:22PM, we’re about to take this to a whole new level and I can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store.”

You, in collaboration with 10:22PM, will eventually expand Album Receipts into a broader line of digital and physical products ranging from streetwear to lifestyle and collaborating with artists across UMG’s label. In the meantime, try your hand at the Album Receipts Generator here.