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Alexa Demie Transcends Time And Space, According To This Meme

The Euphoria actress has — and will continue to be — at every major event in history.

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Alexa Demie may have made a name for herself as Maddy Perez, the confident high schooler with the impeccable rhinestone cat-eye on Euphoria, but her legacy goes well beyond prestige television and lives in actual historical texts. The thing is, Demie is a time traveler first, actress second — at least, according to the niche and hysterical meme floating around Twitter.

The tweet that birthed the meme presented four photos of Demie, each showing off her various, and exponentially more confounding friendships. "She has lives a thousand lives," states the tweet, its thesis crisp and succinct. It shows Demie posing with the Kardashian sisters in the infancy of their reality stardom. Next, she drapes herself over reclusive pop star Sky Ferreira. The most interesting are photos of Demie with both Grimes and Azealia banks, the latter who famously called the former a "brittle-boned methhead" who "smells like a roll of nickels" in one of music's most riveting feuds. How does she do it? The only explanation must be a genius level comprehension of the laws of time and space, allowing her to bend them and travel across history at will.

Fans have obviously had their fun with the outrageous joke, dreaming up where in time Demie could pop up next. The crucifixion of Christ? She left looking sleek and polished despite the circumstances. The fall of the Berlin wall? There was no way Demie was going to miss that legendary party. Demie's travels are truly endless just like the nature of time itself, and you can see some of our favorite time warps below.

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