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Everything We Know About Ariana Grande's New Album, 'Eternal Sunshine'

It’s out sooner than you think.

Ariana Grande is officially back in popstar mode. Fresh off the release of her exuberant, drama-stoking new song “yes, and?,” the singer has unveiled the details around her highly-anticipated seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine. Though fans predicted the name a while ago, there’s still a lot up in the air about her new era, including its themes, tracklist, and the collaborators she worked with.

Ahead, find everything we know about the project so far:

When will Eternal Sunshine be released?

The album drops March 8 via Republic Records. You can pre-order it now, here.

What is the meaning behind Eternal Sunshine?

Though Grande hasn’t confirmed it directly, fans believe the album title is a direct reference to the 2004 cult film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, reportedly one of Grande’s favorite films.

A few subtle clues from the singer herself point to this theory being true: Grande’s “yes, and?” music video included an easter egg with the longitude and latitude coordinates of Montauk, the city where the film takes place. And on Jan. 17, Grande’s separate Instagram account for her 2018 record Sweetener shared the famous Alexander Pope poem from which the movie took its name: “how happy is the blameless vestial’s lot! the world forgetting by the world forgot. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! each pray’r accepted. and each wish resign’d.”

Other fan theories speculate the arc of the film, which follows a former couple getting their memories wiped after a bad break-up, heavily mirrors Grande’s 2022 divorce with ex-husband Dalton Gomez, and that Eternal Sunshine, or ES for short, doubles as a subtle dedication to her current alleged beau Ethan Slater — though these are both unconfirmed.

The standard cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Eternal Sunshine.’

What are the themes of the album?

There’s still very little we know about the themes of the record so far. Lead single “yes, and?”centers around her exploration of relationships, dating, and the pressures of celebrity so there’s a high chance those themes will continue on the rest of the record.

Ari herself has stayed tight-lipped about its themes doing virtually zero press so far, but she did remark on social media that the photoshoot captured “what the album feels like so perfectly,” so take from that what you will.

Who did she work with on the album?

Grande’s full list of collaborators for this album is still a secret, but it’s safe to say Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh were heavily involved. The two superstar producers are credited as writers and producers for “yes, and?,” and Grande shared photos of her, Martin, and Salmanzadeh hard at work in the studio on social media.

As for features, fans are speculating that SZA possibly contributed to the record as she’s been heavily interacting with Grande’s posts on Instagram.

Are there multiple versions of the album?

There are — sort of. Grande has taken a page from Taylor Swift’s book of business and will be releasing four different covers for the album. While the intial, slightly blurred close-up image of her face will likely serve as the album’s main art, three other “exclusive” covers are still yet to be revealed on her official merch website. Vinyl and CD collectors, rejoice!