Ariana Grande in the "god is a woman" video
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11 Ariana Grande Music Videos That Prove She's A Pop Princess

Yuh, yuh.

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With her angelic vocals and sky-high ponytail, Ariana Grande is a cornerstone of contemporary pop music. The woman also knows how to crank out an album; repeating the fast-track release of 2019's thank u, next, she's at it again with her sixth studio album, positions. Brush up on your Ariana Grande history with a journey through her most iconic videos. Yuh.

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“The Way"’ Ft. Mac Miller, 2013

It's a feel-good party for two in the video for Ariana's first major single. She and Mac Miller play besotted lovebirds with ease, and the real-life chemistry the two shared is crystal clear.

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"Break Free" Ft. Zedd, 2014

Before bringing rainfall to Chromatica with Lady Gaga, Ariana was up to her own intergalactic adventures. She breaks free of the chains of love, shoots missiles out of her femme-bot corset, and, duh, parties on a spaceship moving at the speed of light.

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“Love Me Harder” Ft. The Weeknd, 2014

Ariana, (along with her then-signature cat ears) writhes around an ornate, cobwebby home while footage of brewing storms and crashing waves serve as metaphors for her — you guessed it! — raging horniness.

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“Into You,” 2016

Ariana ditches her lame boyfriend for her hot bodyguard and celebrates the change of pace with a desert road trip full of motel romps. It’s Lana Del Rey levels of Americana!

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“Side To Side” Ft. Nicki Minaj, 2016

I saw a tweet from an Ariana stan who was upset that she was making sexual music despite having historically young fans. My question is: has this person ever heard of “Side to Side?” Ariana plays off the innuendo as a sultry spin instructor and gym bunny, but real ones know why she’s walking funny.

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“no tears left to cry,” 2018

The transcendent pop single gets a topsy-turvy visual. Sometime's Ariana is anti gravity, other times she's faceless like a Haunting of Bly Manor ghost. But the most shocking visual of all remains her low ponytail, a then-triumphant harbinger of Ari's Sweetener era.

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“God is a woman,” 2018

What isn’t happening in this video? Ariana opts for pure maximalism for her second Sweetener single: she floats in a primordial soup that looks like a bath bomb, casually fingers a hurricane, towers over her haters, and so much more.

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“thank u, next,” 2019

The most gracious breakup anthem there ever was also serves as a clever crash course in teen film canon.

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“break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored,” 2019

A Hollywood Hills party ends the only way it can: a hot tub threesome between Riverdale’s Charles Melton, Ariana, and her high-ponytailed doppelgänger.

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“7 rings,” 2019

Another Ariana video, another rager. This time it’s a sparkly, cotton candy-coated spin on the spoils of capitalism, and for approximately three minutes you forget that the exact economic system is crippling the world. Yuh!

“positions,” 2020

Ariana is trad-wife-in-chief in the video for her eponymous single on her sixth album, positions. A Grande presidency would definitely deliver universal healthcare and a universal basic income for all.

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