8 Podcasts That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Ira Glass, you are not welcome here!

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If I’m listening to a podcast, I better be laughing my ass off. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of hilarious podcasts to soundtrack your day, covering everything from outrageous celebrity memoirs to the terrors of health and wellness and more. Here, eight of our favorites.

Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lil‪y

Childhood friends and comedians Steven Phillips-Horst and Lily Marotta bravely dive into the unhinged world of celebrity memoirs. Their banter is sharp and insightful, and the gossip they excavate will have you buzzing for a new episode as soon as it's done. Listen here.

Hobby Hunter

If you’re not familiar with Sydnee Washington’s comedy, I feel sorry for you. The NYC-based comedian is a total gem, and her hilarious investigations on people’s hobbies will have you cackling the entire time. Listen here.

Dial #Dan

For a lo-fi approach to the best of culture, look no further than Dial #Dan. Dan Allegretto is a natural host, offering fresh and funny takes on everything from Bravo-lebrities to political drama to seasonal Starbucks beverages, with guests like Hari Nef, Natasha Stagg, and more. Listen here.


Comedians and best friends Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak are here to help you navigate through the snake oil-laced waters of the wellness industry. Each episode of POOG — which is GOOP spelled backwards — tackles a single facet of the wellness industrial complex for a listening experience that’s both esoteric and hysterical. Listen here.

Straightio Lab

A friend once described comedians’ George Civeris and Sam Taggart’s Straightio Lab as “a self-aware attack on self-awareness,” and that hits the nail on the head. The duo unpack the core tenets of straight culture, from college fraternities to gender reveal parties to the military. Listen here.

A Woman’s Smile

You never know what you’re going to get with A Woman’s Smile, but it’s the closest any podcast will get to being avant-garde. Actors Lorelei Ramirez and Patti Harrison do not let their freak flag down for one single second of recording, making for a complete assault on the psyche with side-splitting laughs. Listen here.


Comedians Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone detail their latest — wait for it — obsessions, and why listeners should be just as obsessed. Listen here.

Sexy Unique Podcast

The Bravo Universe is ever-expanding, and thankfully we have Sexy Unique Podcast on the case. Original started to chronicle the deranged ongoings of Vanderpump Rules, the podcast is now your one-stop for all Bravo related chaos, thanks to hosts Lara Marie Shoenhals and Carey O'Donnell, and their always hilarious guests. Listen here.

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