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12 Music Moments From Euphoria Season 2 That We Can't Forget

These songs pushed a scene forward and propelled us to YouTube to play them again.

You can’t talk Euphoria without talking about its music. In Season 2, its sonic universe expanded substantially, incorporating retro hits, modern hyper-pop, and more adding on to its own exquisite Labrinth-created soundtrack. As always, the musical cues were alive and animated like characters in themselves. Ahead, we picked the 12 best musical moments of the season, the songs that pushed a scene forward, while propelling us to YouTube to play them again.

“Don’t Be Cruel” - Billy Swan (S2, E1)

There wasn’t a more badass way to open this season than with Billy Swan’s swinging slow menace that is “Don’t Be Cruel,” as Fez’s grandma kindly helps Fez’s father repent by shooting him in both knees. (YouTube)

“Dead Of Night” - Orville Peck (S2, E1)

Cassie’s surprise car ride with Nate in episode one was nothing if not dark, foreboding, and kinda hot — all exact descriptors of the shadowy, sensual country song by Orville Peck that soundtracks it. (YouTube)

“Haunted”- Laura Les (S2, E2)

In an episode that leaned largely retro song-wise, the jolting blare of Laura Les’ “Haunted” from Lexi’s headphones as she biked to meet Fezco was unforgettable. Plus, it added some interesting friction and depth to the otherwise plainly written character from Season 1. (YouTube)

“Never Tear Us Apart” - INXS (S2, E3)

Who ever thought we could feel any kind of tenderness towards Cal Jacobs? Episode three, telling the heavy backstory of Cal’s secret love for his high school friend Derek, peaks during this beautiful scene soundtracked by the INXS masterpiece “Never Tear Us Apart” as they drunkenly dance and kiss for the first time. (YouTube)

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“Call Me Irresponsible” - Bobby Darin (S2, E3)

Rue was down bad this season, but one of the rare moments of levity was her goofy impromptu dance in her room as she sang along to the aptly titled Bobby Darin classic “Call Me Irresponsible.” That’s an understatement, Rue. (YouTube)

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“I’m Tired” - Labrinth (S2, E4)

Perhaps the best original Labrinth song of this season, “I’m Tired” arrives at a critical juncture for Rue in episode four. High out of her mind, she hallucinates a church singer (played by Labrinth!) to be her father and embraces him. It’s a sad, profoundly moving moment, heightened by the emotional song. (YouTube)

“Fever” - Sharon Cash (S2, E5)

It all spirals out of control in episode five. Though the songs were few and far between, Sharon Cash’s “Fever” was a standout, soundtracking Rue’s pitiful burglary and making the otherwise stressful moment humorous. (YouTube)

“Yeh I F*ckin Did It” - Labrinth (S2, E5)

Another genius soundtracking choice from episode five was Labrinth’s “Yeh I F*ckin Did It,” which came on as Rue made her mad dash from the police, running into traffic, toppling pedestrians, and throwing herself over fences. No other swaggering rap track could’ve done this scene justice, nor aligned more perfectly with Rue’s internal monologue, probably. (YouTube)

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“Stand By Me” - Ben E. King (S2, E6)

Fexi! Lezco! The budding romance between drug dealer Fezco and Lexi captivated the internet. In episode six, Fexi stans got to watch the two sweetly sing along to Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” and hold hands. We’ll never hear the song the same way ever again. (YouTube)

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“Holding Out For A Hero” - Bonnie Tyler (S2, E7)

There was simply no better way to depict Nate and the football boys’ homoeroticism than with the flamboyant and incredible “Holding Out For A Hero” routine in Lexi’s play, Our Life. Ethan immediately shot to the top of our character ladder thanks to it. (YouTube)

“Elliot’s Song” (S2, E8)

Love it or hate it, it was a music moment and undeniably memorable, if only for its length. We think Elliot’s gesture was sweet (even if unwanted), he sounded good, and the lyrics hit really hard: “I think you may be my only friend/ I gave it all to see you shine again/ I hope it was worth it in the end.” That’s just dust in our eyes. (Unreleased)

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