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Everything We Know About Charli XCX’s New Album BRAT

Get ready for a Charli summer.

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The hype has just died around Charli XCX’s Boiler Room and the singer is already riling everyone up again. Charli XCX has announced the details of her highly anticipated sixth studio album, long been referred as XCX6. Now, it has an official name: BRAT.

The long-awaited album is set to arrive this summer, and will thematically be her ode to the rave culture. “i was born to make dance music.. i came from the clubs,” the singer said of the upcoming project on X (formerly Twitter). “xcx6 is the album i’ve always wanted to make.”

Read on for everything we know so far about BRAT, including its release date, tracklist, and more, below.

What is Charli XCX’s new album called & when will it be released?

The record is called BRAT, all uppercase. It’ll be released June 7, 2024.

What songs are on Charli XCX’s new album?

The record will have 15 songs, and a runtime of about 40 minutes. See the full tracklist below.

  1. 360
  2. Club classics
  3. Sympathy is a knife
  4. I might say something stupid
  5. Talk talk
  6. Von dutch
  7. Everything is romantic
  8. Rewind
  9. So I
  10. Girl, so confusing
  11. Apple
  12. B2b
  13. Mean girls
  14. I think about it all the time
  15. 365

Who worked on the album with Charli?

EASYFUN is credited as the producer behind “Von Dutch,” so that’s confirmation the British producer is involved on BRAT. Otherwise, we’re predicting contributions from other close collaborators of Charli’s: A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle, and fiancé George Daniel (whom she’s been in the studio with).

What are the themes of the Charli XCX’s new album?

As we mentioned above, BRAT will be Charli XCX’s ode to club culture. And given her recent whirlwind romance and engagement to Daniel, we’re predicting a lot of swooning (and horny) love songs on the album, too.

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