Club Eat Is Possessed By The Spirit Of "Clothes"

“I put clothes on to take clothes off.”

Club Eat knows that good music doesn’t always have to be deep. The New York City duo, made up of vocalist Ren G and producer Chicken, have made a name for themselves by creating addictively dancy, electroclash-remniscent worlds centered around the briefest micro-moments at the club, or your minutest passing thoughts. “Bitch I’m next/ Turning off my phone, no text/ I just wanna party, no sex,” goes the repeating lyric in their hypnotic 2021 track, “No Sex.”

On Tuesday, the duo double down on their mission of making gold out of mundane situations with their new single “Clothes,” premiering exclusively on NYLON below. The thumping, early aughts-laced club track is a glorified banger dedicated to your wardrobe, making an anthem out of the biggest, overlooked question we ask ourselves every morning: What the f*ck am I going to wear?

The song is completely unserious and delights because of it (or, maybe, it’s the other way around), opening on the line, “Purple, green or blue, I don’t know which ones to choose/ I got all these f*cking shoes but not enough to fit my moods.” It brings up strong, nostalgic reminders of Kelly’s 2006 cult classic, “Shoes” (another “frivolous” masterpiece). The real whirlwind comes on the hook, when G totes out the central lyric of the song: “I put clothes on to take clothes off” — a real adage for the ages.

Club Eat wrote “Clothes” after Chicken told Ren G that they had to make something around that central lyric. “We were possessed by the spirit of clothes,” Ren G tells NYLON of the track.

The duo has made a tangible splash in NYC nightlife over the past few years, going from playing restaurants and local clubs to performing at after-parties for Celine and opening for CupcakKe. Their debut LP, Start, is out May 12.

Hear “Clothes” below and read on to learn a little bit more about Club Eat’s Ren G.

What are you doing right now — Describe your surroundings.

I’m in my bedroom in Ridgewood, Queens. There’s a huge Moonstruck movie poster to my left, and an old HyunA poster to my right.

What inspired “Clothes?” It feels like the spirit sister to “Shoes.”

Lol! Shoutout Kelly! Well, I went over to Chicken’s house one day and he said, “You need a song where you say, ‘I put clothes on to take clothes off.’” And then we wrote the rest of the song pretty shortly after that. We were possessed by the spirit of clothes…

What's your favorite piece of clothing you own, and why?

Currently my L.A.M.B hoodie with a metallic gold gramophone print on it. I also love my black leather fingerless gloves. And my Hooz Atelier tights.

Club Eat has really been taking NYC nightlife by storm with appearances at fashion week, and opening for Cupcakke. What's been your favorite gig to play so far?

Yes, there have been so many fun shows lately! But I would say playing in the basement of Les Palace in Paris for the Celine after party was one for the books.

What's your favorite spot in NYC right now, and what do you do there?

We love Rash bar in Bushwick! Our favorite spot to DJ and perform. It closed last year due to an arson attack but rumor has it that it’s re-opening this summer. :)

Besides making music, what do you like to do in your freetime?

I love going to the movies. I also love going to a random bar and getting wasted. Doing both in the same day is ideal.