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The 8 Craziest VMA Moments Of All Time

From scandals to feuds, we're still recovering from these pop culture milestones.

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The Britney And Madonna Kiss

The VMAs are nothing without a good scandal. Britney Spears and Madonna delivered the goods in 2003 with their sultry kiss seen 'round the world. Madonna kissed Christina Aguilera not five seconds after the fact, but history acts like it never happened. That's life!

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Rihanna Curving Drake

Drake, a glutton for humiliation, famously ruined Rihanna's Vanguard Award moment by making it all about himself. After a gushing speech that left both Rihanna and viewers cringing within an inch of their lives, the rapper tried to plant a kiss on her. Rihanna, of course, was not having it and curved him in the knick of time. Our takeaway: Get a job! Stay away from her!