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The 8 Craziest VMA Moments Of All Time

From scandals to feuds, we're still recovering from these pop culture milestones.

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The Britney And Madonna Kiss

The VMAs are nothing without a good scandal. Britney Spears and Madonna delivered the goods in 2003 with their sultry kiss seen 'round the world. Madonna kissed Christina Aguilera not five seconds after the fact, but history acts like it never happened. That's life!

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Rihanna Curving Drake

Drake, a glutton for humiliation, famously ruined Rihanna's Vanguard Award moment by making it all about himself. After a gushing speech that left both Rihanna and viewers cringing within an inch of their lives, the rapper tried to plant a kiss on her. Rihanna, of course, was not having it and curved him in the knick of time. Our takeaway: Get a job! Stay away from her!

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Beyoncé's baby bump reveal

Only Beyoncé would dance her ass off in front of an audience and end it with a pregnancy announcement. Always the overachiever, that Bey.

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Britney And The Snake

Yes, Britney is on this list again. The pop icon dominated the VMAs across the years, but nothing holds a candle to her 2001 rendition of "I'm A Slave 4 U," which she performed with a massive yellow boa constrictor. The aughts were so fun.

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Diana Ross Fondling Lil Kim

This one is a 2-for-1. Not only was Lil Kim's 1999 VMA outfit a defining moment in the award show's history, it led to one of its most absurd moments: Diana Ross gleefully bouncing the rapper's bejeweled breast.

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Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus

It was the Sagittarius showdown of the year. After Miley spoke poorly of Nicki Minaj in the press prior to the 2015 VMAs, the rapper settled the score on stage. "And now back to..." began Minaj sweetly, before shifting gears and going in for the kill. "This bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. What's good Miley?" Don't come for the queen!

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Won't The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Eminem and an army of look-a-likes descending on New York City's Radio City Music Hall is the type of chaos that could only exist in the year 2000. The iconoclast rapper performed "The Real Slim Shady" in the most literal way possible and had all his pop culture nemesis (Carson Daly, I'm talking to you) sweating bullets in the audience.

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The Genesis of Taylor vs. Kanye

This 2009 VMA moment created a domino effect of feuding that dragged across pop culture for the next decade. Imagine what the world would be like if Kanye West had never uttered the words, "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish but..." Would we have known peace?

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