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11 Shows To Watch When You've Finished 'Love Island'

Love (and cash prizes) are in the air on these reality dating competition shows.

Love Island has everyone in a reality tv chokehold. With steamy romances, teary fights, and witty one-liners galore — the British dating series is an undeniable hit. If you’re all caught up with the latest season, check out these 10 shows like Love Island that are just as fun.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

In this reality series, young couples are tested when asked to marry their partners or embark on an adventure with someone new. (Netflix)

FBoy Island

On Fboy Island, three women try to identify 24 suitors as “f*cky boys” or “nice guys.” If they choose wisely, they’ll go home with a genuine connection and a cash prize. But if they chose the wrong guy, they’ll go home empty handed. (HBO Max)

Too Hot To Handle

In this dating series, the contestants are challenged to get to know each other on a sex-free island where there is no touching allowed. (Netflix)

Pluto TV
Married At First Sight

In Married At First Sight, couples meet at the alter and take their relationship from there. (Pluto TV)

Dating Around

Dating Around is a Lifetime rom-com come to life. In each episode, a single goes on five first dates in hopes of finding their perfect match. (Netflix)

Ex On The Beach

Ten reality stars are brought to a beach to party and date each other, but things get messy when their exes show up on the island. (Hulu)

Bachelor in Paradise

The Bachelor’s summer spin-off takes all your favorite castaways and puts them on an island for a second chance at love. (Hulu)

Dating Naked

In this show, people get to know each other in nothing but their birthday suits. (VH1)

Love Is Blind

Is love really blind? This Netflix series attempts to find out, by having people date each other without meeting face to face. (Netflix)

Sexy Beasts

This show asks its contestants to go on blind dates while wearing, of all things, animalistic prosthetics. (Netflix)

Are You The One?

Are You The One? tasks singles who have been pre-matched by MTV’s producers to win big prize money by determining who they’ve been paired off with. (Paramount+)

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