Screengrab via YouTube


Take A Trip Inside Dua Lipa's Mind With "Hallucinate" Video

Who says you can't hit the dancefloor in quarantine?

Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia may have been meant for overflowing dancefloors and stadiums packed with happy, sweaty bodies — a non-starter in 2020 — but its high octane discofied love songs are still bringing joy and bass to quarantiners the world over. All we needed to do was adjust the lens a little bit.

For "Hallucinate," the latest single off the record, Dua has done just that, bringing us along with her on a strange dancefloor trip inside of her mind, in an animated clip directed the Mill’s Lisha Tan. A Betty Boop-style Dua saunters along a dancefloor that morphs into a hallucination, as the song title suggests, filled with psychedelic hallmarks like unicorns, dancing veggies, and a brief foray into a bad trip that's quickly squashed.

Enjoy "Hallucinate" below: