Edie Yvonne Bio: Meet The 15-year-old LA Artist Who Has Become A Rapidly Emerging Voice In Alt-rock

With a catalogue of electrifying single releases, 15-year-old singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne has made a case for why she might be the artist to carry the alt-punk torch for a new generation.

by Hilary Tetenbaum

15-year-old singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne is rapidly emerging as a promising voice in alternative rock music. The artist continues to release hit single after hit single throughout 2024.

Having already made a name for herself as a successful child actress — including playing a starring role in the short film Kitty — Yvonne began taking music seriously when she entered her teenage years.

In amongst the social politics of high school, the demands of balancing her artistry with homework, and the development of her friendships and relationships, Yvonne managed to hone in on a voice that was raw, unfiltered, and honest about what it was like to be 15 years old in modern America.

2023 saw Yvonne entirely focused on her music. At the beginning of that year, she started releasing a single every month to her growing fanbase — resulting in over a dozen singles up to the present day. Many of these songs helped propel Edie Yvonne to national attention. The songs themselves — including the likes of “Delusion,” “Darkness Bliss,” “Queen Bee,” and “Girl Code” — were a freewheeling blend of alt-rock, indie-rock, and dance-oriented dream-pop. What united them was that they spoke of an artist who was unafraid to experiment and play around with form.


Across all her music, Yvonne pays tribute to a history of alt-rock and pop that has inspired her while also making her music relevant to the modern day, with lyrics that dissect the social drama and real-world issues of everyday teenagers.

And, despite being compared with numerous other alt-rock artists across many generations, Yvonne is the first to stress that, when it comes to songwriting, she focuses on what’s within herself rather than what’s happening around her. “I write lyrics all day,” she admits, speaking about the deeply confessional nature of her songs. “I carry around songwriting journals with me wherever I go. I also take lots of voice memos.”

She adds that once she can sit at an instrument or studio, she’ll start turning her diary entries and memos into melodies and lyrics. “I’ll pound out music on a guitar or keyboard,” she says, “I’ll share it with my producers, and we will collaborate in the studio to map it out.”

Yvonne’s production team has been the lynchpin in helping her still-young career sound entirely grown-up and professional. She has teamed up with emerging producers and writers Nicky Sweden and Cormac Liotta, who have helped inform her original style.

With over 400,000 listens on streaming platforms, Yvonne’s career is on an upward trajectory. But she’s taking nothing for granted and plans to continue releasing more singles throughout 2024 — rain, hail, schoolwork, or sunshine.

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