Faye Webster Held A Pop-Up Event For Her New Record At A Silver Lake Laundromat

See her exclusive photo diary with Pokémon, vintage Game Boys, and dogs.

A laundromat is not usually a place for socializing but Faye Webster sees its potential. On a recent sunny Friday afternoon — the same day she released her new album, Underdressed At The Symphony the Atlanta-based singer-songwriter posted up at the Luxe Laundromat in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, for a pop-up meet-and-greet with her fans. It was a funny, if not very on-brand choice for the singer, who makes her own video games and professional-level yo-yos. Plus, it figured into the theme of the new record: underdressed? Laundromat? It makes sense.

Webster has embraced finding out-of-the-norm ways to connect with her growing fanbase: “It was all overwhelming,” she tells NYLON of the latest pop-up, “but being able to meet fans and hear what my music can do for them is always a really big part in what keeps me going.” And at this point her fans know how to respond in kind — with their own gifts and trinkets, generally of the Pokémon and vintage Nintendo Game Boy variety. Below, see Webster’s exclusive photo diary of the day as she also talks her upcoming tour, Auto-Tune, and her “wholesome” connection to her fans.

Since your last album, your songs went viral on TikTok, and your fanbase has ballooned. What’s it been like grappling with that growth?

Michelle Mercado

I’m not on Tik Tok so I don’t really have a comment about that but it’s nice to be able to see new fans at shows and play new songs.

Michelle Mercado

Michelle Mercado

How would you describe your relationship with your fans in three words?

Michelle Mercado

So very wholesome.

What was your favorite piece of customized merch (that somebody else made) at the pop-up event?

Michelle Mercado

Someone had a “haha” hair clip, it was so cute.

Your new album is out! What’s the best (or most enduring) memory you have around making it?

Family dinners with the band after long days of recording.

Michelle Mercado

Your use of Auto-Tune has divided fans. Anything you'd like to say in response?

No 😌.

You’ve got a full year of touring ahead of you. How are you preparing emotionally, mentally, physically?

Always finding ways to make touring easier and create a healthy touring environment — I get to tour with my best friend and my brother, that helps a lot!

Finally, in the spirit of the album, what’s your ideal outfit for a symphony?

Michelle Mercado

My minion pants and white tee.

Faye Webster’s ‘Underdressed At The Symphony’ is out now.