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Jasmine Janai's "Curious" Is The Perfect Summer Kickback Soundtrack

The sultry R&B track gets an official music video, premiering on NYLON.

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Arizona-born Jasmine Janai’s vocals are at once sultry and light, soothing the mind as much as they get the heart racing. The R&B singer’s new single, “Curious,” out via Art Culture Group, captures the beguiling, 20-something feeling of being at once intrigued by everyone and everything.

"I wrote ‘Curious’ about the beginning stages of talking to someone,” Janai tells NYLON. “When it feels magical and intense, and you’re not really sure where it could go but the both of you are having fun.”

The video for “Curious” premieres exclusively on NYLON below, and follows the 6-foot tall Janai through a house party as the end of summer wraps up.

“When I wrote ‘Curious,’ I was just very curious about life and like, submerging myself into everything — relationships, partying, experiences,” she says. “I was just really curious about living life, so I was kind of a little bit wilder in that time because I was trying literally everything.”

Watch the video for “Curious” below:

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