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Julia Fox Made Her Musical Debut At Charli XCX's Star-Filled Boiler Room

And she gave NYLON the details about its lyrics.

NYLON was boots on the ground when we heard the news first, broken to us by none other than Ms. Julia Fox herself. She was mingling in the crowd, hair gleaming silver, at Charli XCX’s sold-out Boiler Room event at 99 Scott in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Feb. 22, when I caught her for a quick chat. “I’m performing a song tonight,” she told me, screaming into my recorder over the booming bass. “I’m performing my song called ‘Down The Drain’ tonight, and it’s going to be amazing.” When I asked if she could provide more details, she just had this to say: “I’m a bitch, I’m a girl, I’m a mother, I’m a whore. That’s all I have to say about that.”

And true to her word, those were the exact lines she ended up singing when she jumped on the decks mid-rave to debut the song, named after her best-selling memoir. Charli XCX introduced her to the crowd as “a f*cking icon” — and Fox’s performance only sealed the deal on that matter as she flaunted her goods and shook her ass, the pure star power even blowing out the speakers for a few seconds.

See her performance below.

Steffanee Wang/NYLON