A female performer in a red bodysuit with shoulder embellishments singing on a smoke-filled stage.


Kesha Declares Her Independence with “Joyride”

“Well, I am mother?”

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Kesha’s “Joyride” is finally out, and the original glitter-faced party animal of the 2010s is back with a fiery vengeance. Following the song’s live debut at New York City’s Planet Pride in June, the Independence Day release of “Joyride” celebrates the singer’s first musical release as an independent artist via her own Kesha Records.

The iconic “Tik ToK” singer has been increasingly active on Twitter/X lately, sharing promotional pictures centered on red and blue looks against a fun gas-station setting. And everything about “Joyride” is a trip. From the chaotic Norteña-style accordions paired with the dramatic choral pre-chorus and talk-singing, the catchy lyrics are actually the song’s most approachable feature. “Don't even try to give me sh*t, I've earned the right to be like this,” she sings before the chorus pays homage to Mean Girls’ Regina George with a “Get in, loser!”

Other highly quotable lyrics include “I’m a label whore but I’m bored of wearing clothes” and “You want kids? Well, I am mother?” These are the kind of tongue-in–cheek lyrics that represent Kesha’s humor and pop-cultural savvy, crucial skills for a 21st-century songwriter.

“Joyride” is the original millennial party girl’s return to form, after the somber yet powerful Gag Order following her legal battle with Dr. Luke. And as she announced on Twitter/X, “i couldn’t have made it through without all of you. now we joyride.”