Norwegian indie pop band, Kid Astray's band members lined up


song premiere: kid astray

the next summer anthem, straight out of norway!

by rachel perlman

Making music with your friends is the tops, and Kid Astray are doing just that. From their exuberant, no-care vibe to their chipper bouncing-off-the-wall beats, there's no doubt that this indie pop six-piece from Norway is the epitome of fun. That's why we're starting your week off on the right note (pun so very much intended) by premiering the band's new single "No Easy Way Out."

It's the ultimate summer anthem with a little life motivation not-so-hidden between the lines, guaranteed to have you bouncing wherever you go. Even though they're singing about overcoming life's obstacles, these guys' infectious, electro-coated voices will totally get you pumped to work harder and "step out of your comfort zone." If you bop along to their roller-coaster melodies for long enough, you just might start the coolest dance party ever. 

Listen to the premiere below, and pre-order it on iTunes here