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Lena Dunham Talks About New Boyfriend: "Don't Quit Before The Miracle, Kids"

Dunham wrote a sweet tribute to her musician beau on Instagram.

It looks like Lena Dunham is finally ready to introduce us to her new boyfriend. Back in April the Girls creator told the New York Times that she was seeing someone, but declined to give a name. Instead she said, “It’s been a few months...I feel really lucky.”

Things must be going well for the couple, because Dunham recently took to Instagram to share a sweet tribute for his birthday.

“When I was 3 in downtown Manhattan, I had no idea a baby was being born in England (Winchester, no less!) who would rocket into my life- wearing a lime green polar fleece snood- and challenge so many of my beliefs about myself and the world with magical abandon,” she wrote. “Everyone who comes into contact with you- creatively, emotionally, accidentally- is lucky. But I am the luckiest, because that snood is now in our shared chest of drawers. ‘The warmth of your love is like the warmth of the sun and this will be our year, took a long time to come.’ Happy Birthday, Lulu”

“Lulu,” aka Louis Felber, is a Peruvian-British musician who goes by the stage name Attawalpa. According to Page Six, he is a multi-instrumentalist who “appears as a computer-generated dancer astride a stripper pole” in the music video for his new song “Yellow Fingers.”

Dunham also referenced her partner on Twitter, writing, "In January, all I tweeted about was how men are basically refried beans in human form. What I'm saying is, don't quit before the miracle, kids."

The last musician Dunham dated is the infamous Jack Antonoff, best known recently for his Grammy-winning collaborations with Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Lorde (who’s finally back!). Since then, Dunham’s spent the past few years as a single woman, aside from a brief engagement from a man who reportedly proposed with the lace of a timberland boot.

Things seem to have calmed down for Dunham though, who now spends her time cuddling with Louis, posing in fishnets, and promoting her latest film, Sharp Stick.