The contestants of 'Lovestruck High,' narrated by Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan Narrates Reality Dating Series ‘Lovestruck High’

The U.K. series sends contestants back to high school for a shot at true love.

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Lindsay Lohan is channeling her Mean Girls roots in the trailer for Amazon Prime’s new dating show Love Struck High. The new series transports a group of British twenty-somethings back to high school for another shot at finding love, and of course, winning a whole lot of money.

Lohan was tapped to narrate the series, which is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. Lovestruck High is the streamer's first dip into the reality TV space, and, from the looks of things, it might be a hit. The trailer opens with Lohan’s familiar raspy drawl as she announces, “Welcome to Lovestruck High, the high school that’s just like the movies. There’s jocks, the queen bees, the nerds, and guess what? They’re all single.” The rest of the show’s teaser features a chaotic montage of reality stars doing what they do best — cry, gossip, make out, and fight, on repeat.

In many ways, Lovestuck High follows the dating show formats we know and love. A group of beautiful and confused singes are dropped in an unsupervised location, then given a set of rules, and are left to their own devices while we watch how it all pans out. This specific show, however, ties back to some key principles of a high school romance. The contestants are tasked with courting one another while attending classes, planning for prom, and dealing with reprimands for poor behavior. If they manage to survive it all, the best couple wins $100,000 in the end.

Needless to say, the stakes are high and the tensions are higher. As one contestant states in the two-minute teaser, “the crowns have come off, the tiaras are being f***ing thrown, and were fighting for our man b****es.” If this brand of mess is up your alley then you’re in luck! The first three episodes are currently available to watch on Amazon Prime. The next three episodes will drop next week, then the final two will air the week after that.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Lovestruck High below.

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