Anna Pollack


Lola Leon Released Her First-Ever Music Project, 'Go'

She’s taking all your expectations and throwing them into a blender.

The nepotism baby-to-musician pipeline is a tried and true formula. Though much of the time the projects can be a miss (chock it up to too many resources and maybe not enough originality), Lola (Lourdes) Leon, perhaps more commonly known as Madonna’s daughter, seems to be doing something genuinely interesting with her burgeoning music career. The model, dancer, and influencer released her first-ever musical project, Go, on Nov. 9, and the experimental debut EP is positioning her as a rare high-visibility figure who’s going against the trends.

The tight five-track project, released under Leon’s stage-name, Lolahol, mines trip-hop, dance, and electronic music, and is infused with an experimental and edgy spirit. You can hear the sound best on “Cuntradiction,” Leon’s new single and video released to accompany the EP that features Lolahol’s lulling, beguiling vocals over a hypnotic down-tempo beat. A watch of the Anna Pollack-directed music video, which finds Leon in lingerie, dropping it low on a horse ranch, will give you all you need to know about what she’s going for with her music: Raunchy, seductive, and denying easy categorization, her art is taking everything one might’ve expected from Leon and throwing it all into a blender.

Leon made her music debut in August 2022 with the release of single “Lock&Key,” another hypnotic trip-hop offering. In September, she lent her vocals to the single “Love Me Still” by New Jersey-based artist J!mmy.

In interviews, Leon previously expressed hesitation about embarking on a music career, saying that she wasn’t “much of a writer.” Still, signs that she was likely exploring the venture popped up in 2021 when she made her first music video appearance in NYC-based artist Eartheater’s “Joyride” — whom she clearly later became close creative partners with.

Like “Lock&Key,” Go is executive produced and creative directed by Eartheater and released through Eartheater’s own label, Chemical X. Also involved in the project is Tony Seltzer, Schlomo, Samuel Burgess, and Hara Kiri.

Go is made up of five tracks, “Cuntradiction,” “Giovanni’s Room,” “Not Pussy,” “Purple Apple,” and “Lock&Key.” Stream the EP here.