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Megan Thee Stallion Wants Tory Lanez "To Go Under The Jail"

Meg described her long road to recovery after Lanez allegedly shot her following a 2020 pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house.

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Megan Thee Stallion is Rolling Stone's latest cover star. The “Plan B” rapper spoke with the music publication for their 2022 Hot List Issue and opened up about the makings of her next album, overcoming her controversial shooting incident, and battling internet trolls.

“I think it’s so crazy that people are able to get online and publish anything that is not 100 percent fact,” she said, referencing critics who claimed she lied about being shot in the foot by rapper, Tory Lanez. “That is really messing with my life,” she continued. “How are you able to do it and get away with it? “I just learned that you really can’t get away with that, and I’m going to get you. Right now I’m just getting all my stuff together because I’m seeing it. Yeah, you keep doing that. I’m going to spin the block on you.”

Earlier this year Megan spoke with Gayle King, in-depth, about the attack. She said Lanez fired shots in her direction following an argument. The musicians were spotted at a pool party at Kylie Jenner's house prior to the dispute. They left together in the same car. As for the rest of the evening, Megan claims that she, Lanez, and her former friend Kelsey Harris got into a fight during their drive.

When she finally got out of the vehicle, she says Lanez shouted: “Dance b*tch,” and then opened fire. Police were eventually notified and rushed to the scene where they discovered Megan’s bloody feet, but she reportedly told the cops that she stepped on glass to de-escalate the situation.

Lanez has continuously denied shooting Megan, but she told King that he apologized after the incident and offered her a million dollars to keep quiet. She declined the deal and says he’s continued to harass her ever since. Lanez has since used his social media platforms to talk about the incident, written derogatory songs, and pushed the narrative that Megan lied about the shooting. Numerous blogs have also posted false information about the attack, despite legal evidence and medical documents which verify that bullet fragments were found in Megan's feet.

“I thought we had a real connection,” Megan told Rolling Stone. “I thought he knew me. And I never would’ve thought he would’ve shot at me at all.” Both Megan and Lanez lost their mothers at a young age, and she thought they’d bonded over that similarity. “I never put my hands on this man,” she continued. “I never did anything to him. There was an argument. People argue every day. Friends argue every day.”

Megan was hospitalized after the shooting. “What nobody knows is, I had to get the surgery the same night,” she said. “I stayed in the hospital in California for maybe four days. Then I was in New York for a while. Both of my legs wrapped up. I could not walk. I still have bullet fragments in my feet right now. I was very scared that I was not able to be Megan Thee Stallion no more. And I was fucked up.”

As she healed physically, Megan had to endure constant gossip online where people drew their own conclusions about the shooting — most of which made jokes at her expense. “I don’t know if people don’t take it seriously because I seem strong,” she said. “I wonder if it’s because of the way I look. Is it because I’m not light enough? Is it that I’m not white enough? Am I not the shape? The height? Because I’m not petite? Do I not seem like I’m worth being treated like a woman?”

In 2020 Lanez was charged with a felony count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm. He was also charged with carrying a loaded, unregistered, firearm in their vehicle. Lanez has pleaded not guilty, and the case is going to trial in September. Megan said she wants Lanez to be convicted. “I want him to go to jail,” she said. “I want him to go under the jail.”

In the meantime, Megan has been working on her highly anticipated sophomore album. “I want to take you through so many different emotions,” she said. “At first you was twerking, now you might be crying.” Megan has recorded 30 songs for the album.

We’ll have to wait to see which ones make the cut, but it seems her goal for the project is simple. “I just always want people to remember, ‘Yes, Megan Thee Stallion, she was great,’” she explained. “‘She was a rapper. She was one of the best rappers, the coldest.’”

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