Here are 8 movies & shows like 'Squid Game' on Netflix while you wait for season 2


8 Mind-Bending Shows & Movies Like 'Squid Game'

These eight projects share the hit Netflix South Korean drama’s affinity for risky gameplay.

Following a group of debt-addled individuals who volunteer to play a series of games with deadly consequences, Netflix’s Squid Game is a satisfying combination of inventive world-building, spellbinding set design and emotional intrigue. It’s easy to gobble up all nine episodes — so here are eight films and TV shows that share the South Korean drama’s affinity for risky gameplay.

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Alice In Borderland (Amazon Prime)

Before Squid Game, there was this exciting Japanese series, which follows several friends living in a parallel version of Tokyo where every move determines their survival. Featuring lethal versions of tag and hide-and-seek, this is maybe the closest you’ll get to the real thing.