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Pitch Perfect Tech Gifts For Every Kind Of Music Stan On Your List

Samsung has you covered when it comes to holiday shopping for the music lovers in your life.

by BDG Studios

More than ever before, 2021 has reminded us who’s truly important in our lives. And for many of us, this means those particular friends who kept us up to date on all the latest and greatest music. Luckily for readers of NYLON, Samsung is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs, especially when it comes to audiophiles.

Need more convincing? BDG Studios recently put together a custom gift guide for every kind of music stan on our list. This way, every aural bestie will be sure to have a bright and beautiful surprise waiting for them come December.

The Audiophile Trailblazer

Everyone should be so lucky to have a cool older sibling, parent, or friend who taught you a thing or two about music growing up, including the best way to listen. When shopping with a beloved standard-setter in mind, you’ll want to get them something truly worthwhile for that sacred act of listening to the best tunes. Fortunately, Samsung has a ton of great headphone options. The audio quality of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 is so good that this HiFi trailblazer will feel like they are in a front row seat seeing their favorite artist, even if they are thousands of miles away. They’ll definitely be super thankful for this kind of gift, maybe so much so that they’ll invite you to their next listening session.

The Trend Forecaster

We all have certain friends who seem to know everything about every new band, from the classics to the best of today and even the sounds of the future. And think, what do you get a musical Nostradamus of a friend who can always find the perfect song? Well, you get them the perfect phone. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is an upgraded flip phone, perfect for getting lost in all the latest hits — preferably paired with Galaxy Buds2. You’ll be able to cherish your shared jam sessions even more with a phone that can stand on its own. Just flip it open halfway, set it down and record video or take pics hands-free.

The Music Video Detective

While we all grew up loving music videos, not everyone is a bonafide music video expert, and that’s what makes this friend so special. From knowing every director’s name and CV to being able to call out each and every Easter egg before it appears on screen, this friend is a certified music video investigator so why not gift them something that will make their late night stakeouts that much more enjoyable? For the Pop Culture P.I., we recommend Samsung’s latest tablet. Galaxy Tab S7 FE features a long battery life** to help your friend catch up on entire discographies on a single charge. Galaxy Tab S7 FE also has a large display that brings content to life in brilliant color whether indoors or outdoors, making it great for laid back relaxing as well as in-transit viewing. Even more, they’ll be able to catch up on anything they’ve missed with two months of free YouTube Premium with each eligible purchase. Seems like a perfect gift for your favorite VJ confidant.

The Avid Show-Goer

Remember that friend who got you into the super-secret basement show where the most popular band in the country played for 40 people? It’s high time you returned the favor. How about getting them a phone that takes great video, so the next time you are in a cramped church basement about to have your minds melted, they’ll be prepared. Cue Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Any avid show-goer will be super psyched by this gift, which allows them to take amazing videos and photos at the equally amazing events they attend. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has improved*** sensors that allow for more light for brighter and more detailed nighttime images as well as night mode which merges up to 30 pictures to produce crystal clear images with minimum noise. With Samsung in their corner, your favorite show-going night owl will be able to share all their adventures beautifully with just the tap of a button.

* 5G network availability may be limited. Check with your carrier for details.

** Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

***Compared to Galaxy S20 Ultra.