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Remi Wolf Believes There Are No Rules When It Comes To Hair

The rising pop singer on her beauty journey, holy grail products, and learning to feel good and low-key.

Remi Wolf arrived on the scene in an explosion of color — literally. In the CGI visual for her 2020 hit “Photo ID,” it’s as if someone pressed the color invert button on the world. The sky is sherbert orange or moss green, while the houses gleam bubblegum pink. An army of Wolfs, each dressed in their own color-coordinated outfit and dancing in sync, slowly descends upon the land to the incredibly funky beats of “Photo ID.” There’s no telling where the music ends and this parallel universe begins.

In interviews, the Palo Alto native has likened her vivid strain of groovy pop to “ADHD,” informed by the eye-catching fictional worlds found in children’s books and TV shows — and, yes, maybe the occasional bud or shroom session. On her sophomore EP and major label debut, I’m Allergic To Dogs!, the five upbeat tracks bop, bounce, whirl, and groove as she soulfully belts about her exes, love, and more. “F*ck, I’m getting hotter,” she growls on “Woo!” Her kooky, full-throttle pop songs have resonated with a generation of young people used to navigating the world not through subtlety, but extremity and pure vibes.

Naturally, that sense extends to the 25-year-old’s personal style. On her Instagram, she shares photos of herself in blonde wigs and thick, streaky eyeliner akin to Euphoria’s playful designs. In her latest music video with Dominic Fike for her “Photo ID” remix, she lounges on an inflated clear cushion, her eyes a swath of icy blue shimmer. Her art and self-presentation are inextricably connected.

But it wasn’t always that way. “I had no relationship with beauty,” writes Wolf of herself growing up. “Just now, at 25, I’m figuring out what makeup is and what it all means and how you can be creative with it, rather than using it as a mask to cover your flaws.” Below, the young singer talks about her journey with beauty, her holy grail products, and why "there are literally no rules with anybody’s hair."

Remi Wolf

What has your self-care routine or practice looked like over the last year?

I’ve been washing my face morning and night (most of the time). I’m also sober now and I’m creating a nice balance between my work and personal life. I’ve also been waking up earlier… I’m getting enough sleep! Oh, and I’m always walking my dog.

You grew up in Palo Alto. How did that shape your sense of style?

It shaped my sense of style in the sense that everyone dressed so similarly that I wanted to not dress so boring. All anyone wore there was Lululemon and Uggs, so I didn’t want to do that for some reason. Even though I did at times!

Your videos feel as integral to the Remi Wolf project as the music and sound. What’s your favorite music video you’ve shot so far? What was the mood-board process like for it?

The music video with Dominic Fike was the most fun because it wasn’t very pre-planned. It was spontaneous and fun. I styled everything myself. I really liked interacting with another person on camera and it was literally my first music video with no green screen. I don’t like green screen, to be honest.

What was your relationship with beauty like growing up?

I had no relationship with beauty. I was an athlete so it was easier to not care. It wasn’t a thing that I was conscious about. I wore heavy black eyeliner, but that was just the vibe of the times in middle school. And in high school I had acne, so my relationship to beauty was just covering up my acne. Just now, at 25, I’m figuring out what makeup is and what it all means and how you can be creative with it, rather than using it as a mask to cover your flaws. People use it as a tool for expression now, and I feel like overall culture wasn’t really like that before.

Remi Wolf

What’s the most important thing to you now when it comes to beauty, and how do you maintain it?

I like feeling good and low-key. I want to protect my energy. No matter how much makeup I am using, it’s not an important part of my life. Skin care is what’s important. I just want to feel comfortable and good with myself and everything going on around me. I make sure to hang out with people that make me feel good, beautiful, important, and valued. People that I can learn from. Confidence is beauty to me. The most confident people to me are the most beautiful.

You sport very bold and colorful eye looks. What inspires your designs — and what are your holy grail products?

First off, Tiffany Tarazi, my makeup artist for the “Woo!” video, inspires my designs. I get my blush and highlight from her Nosta Beauty Swatch Me Face Palette. She created it and I use the highlight on my eyes as well. It’s sparkly and nice! I use all bareMinerals foundation. I don’t really like lip color that much. I like drug store neutral lip gloss — actually nude with a little bit of color. If I do color, then I also take the blush from the Nosta Beauty palette... that’s really good. The beauty world is going to hate me for using this, but I love the NYX eye pencil in white. I like Benefit Cosmetics’ Hoola Matte Bronzer — it’s a classic! Some of my other faves includes Lush’s Revive hair moisturizer, Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Moisturizer, Everyday Oil, Violet Voss’s Sea You Later palette. I finish off with Laura Mercier’s setting powder.

My outfits for the day also inspire me. Normally I pick out my outfit first, then I’ll do my makeup depending on what I’m wearing. Bold colors!

The makeup community on TikTok is very strong and creative. I watch this makeup show called Glow Up that has all these amazing makeup artists that are so creative. I had a new sense of “F*ck, I can literally do whatever!”

Violet Voss' Sea You Later Palette

You’re not averse to trying out wigs or ambitious hairstyles. What’s your best tip for those looking to try out new things with curly hair?

I feel like people with curly hair have been told their entire lives that there are dos and don’ts. "Don’t get bangs." "Don’t cut your hair too short." People always tell me, “don’t touch your curls.” But that’s all bullshit! You can do whatever the f*ck you want. There are literally no rules with anybody’s hair. It annoys me that I’ve been told my entire life I have to keep my curls a certain way. I’ve never really taken care of my hair because I was never taught how, but now that’s kind of my look. And it’s not affecting anybody’s life, so I don’t give a f*ck. Don’t give a f*ck guys! But I have given a f*ck — I feel like I’ve been shamed for not caring properly about my hair, but why do people care?! And about the wigs… They’re like $20 on Amazon, and they're fun.

What’s the best beauty advice or wisdom you’ve received?

I feel like it’s “just do whatever the f*ck you want.” I don’t know if anyone’s ever told me that, though. Don’t touch my eyebrows! All the good advice is people saying “you look fine, don’t touch it.” Any other advice is shameful and you shouldn’t do it.