Watch Rihanna Break Into Sephora To Stock It With Fenty Skin

She Rih-made some changes on her Ocean's 8 heist.

We finally know the reason why it's taking Rihanna so damn long to release new music — the woman is skipping the recording studio sessions in favor of breaking into Sephora stores! The pop star was inspired by her Ocean's 8 days for her latest Fenty Skin ad campaign, where she pulls a reverse heist and instead of robbing the store blind, opts to add some Fenty Skin to the store's inventory.

Rihanna sneaks into the empty Sephora complete with a drill and an immaculate red lip (is that Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint, I spy...) at the ready, and immediately gets to work. Time is of the essence! Security footage shows her setting up posters of herself and building a display that will make faces glow and bank accounts go broke. It's the Rihanna way!

Fenty Skin hits Sephora, Harvey Nichols, and UK beauty stronghold Boots on December 26, and that's all Rihanna is giving us for the rest of the year. The Navy may be supportive, but we are also tired. "So this is what you were filming???" wrote one exhausted Navy member. "We thought it was a music video girl I-" If only there was a new album to rejuvenate us...here's to 2021.