JK Apa as Archie Andrews in one of many unhinged moments from Riverdale.


The 12 Most Unhinged Moments On 'Riverdale'

Chaos made camp.

Teen shows are all about suspending disbelief, but no one takes it as far as Riverdale. The CW show has absolutely zero interest in reality — just how we like it. A chronicle of Riverdale's most unhinged moments, plots, and twists awaits you ahead. (Spoilers for the series ahead).

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The Existence Of Jingle Jangle

The Riverdale universe has its share of sordid drug abuse, but you won't find people getting their rocks off on heroin, crack, or meth. Their preferred poison is a little stimulant called jingle jangle, which of course is consumed out of a paper straw like Pixy Stix.