JK Apa as Archie Andrews in one of many unhinged moments from Riverdale.


The 12 Most Unhinged Moments On 'Riverdale'

Chaos made camp.

Teen shows are all about suspending disbelief, but no one takes it as far as Riverdale. The CW show has absolutely zero interest in reality — just how we like it. A chronicle of Riverdale's most unhinged moments, plots, and twists awaits you ahead. (Spoilers for the series ahead).

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The Existence Of Jingle Jangle

The Riverdale universe has its share of sordid drug abuse, but you won't find people getting their rocks off on heroin, crack, or meth. Their preferred poison is a little stimulant called jingle jangle, which of course is consumed out of a paper straw like Pixy Stix.

Veronica and Hiram's psychosexual relationship

One of the weirdest elements of Riverdale is the dynamic between Veronica and her villain father, Hiram Lodge. They're father and daughter, but love to act like quarreling, vindictive lovers toward each other. And there's no end in sight! We've had enough, CW!

Private Prisons Meet Fight Club

Something hilarious about Riverdale is that it tries to confront the ills of American society — like private prisons — but with its own twist, like an underground fight club consisting exclusively of beefy teens.

Cheryl Blossom In General

Cheryl as a whole is as captivating as she is unhinged. Throughout her five seasons, she comes out as gay, burns down her family's estate after learning her father killed her twin brother, gets inducted into a cult, and always dominates as Riverdale High's blistering Queen Bee.

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When Archie Andrews Was Mauled By A Bear

He was mauled by a bear and lived to tell the tale! Calm down, Leonardo DiCaprio!

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Maple Club

A town with a teen speakeasy naturally has to have a high-end adult brothel. What else would you expect?

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La Bonne Nuit

Of course Veronica Lodge, who is 17 going on 34, opens a speakeasy in the basement of Riverdale's only restaurant, Pop's.

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Jason Blossom's Corpse

Jason, who drowns in Sweetwater River at the start of Riverdale, regularly shows up in dreams, memories, and hauntings. However, nothing will top when his literal corpse is propped up in Thornhill's basement by his twin Cheryl, who pretends he is alive and well.

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The Farm

The Farm originally shows up as a new age-y cult with sinister energy, and is eventually revealed to be an organ harvesting ring. And it's led by Chad Michael Murray!

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Serial Killer Genes

Serial killers are addicted to living in Riverdale, so much so that the show spun up its own genetic disorder: the serial killer gene. Does 23andMe check for that?

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Hermione Lodge Heads To Bravo

When Marisol Nichols announced that Riverdale's fifth season would be her last, fans wondered how she'd be written off the show. Spoiler alert: She joins the Real Housewives of New York City cast at the behest of Andy Cohen. Ramona Singer versus Hermione Lodge when?

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The Auteur

When a pervert was running around Riverdale recording peoples' homes and making wannabe snuff films of the locals, teenage sleuths Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper had to investigate. The culprit ended up being Jughead's tween sister — named Jellybean, duh — who did it because she was sad her brother was gearing up to leave for college. Grow up!

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