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Christine Quinn’s Most Iconic Selling Sunset Moments

All hail Christine Quinn, our favorite glamazon reality TV star, without whom, there would be no Selling Sunset.

Without Christine Quinn, there is no Selling Sunset. She brings the necessary absurdity to a show that would otherwise take itself and its million dollar homes and celebrity clients all too seriously. The reality star makes a splash whenever she’s on screen, from her floor-grazing hair extensions to her Barbie pink heels to her penchant for quoting Britney Spears. Quinn will not be returning to Selling Sunset’s sixth season, a heartbreak for her many fans, but a decision that’s not entirely unexpected — she’s always been playing leagues above her costars. Ahead, 10 of Quinn’s most memorable Selling Sunset moments.

When she threw a Botox and burgers party

Christine had the genius idea to make one of her open houses “Botox and burgers” themed, where guests got Botox on site. You can’t say this girl doesn’t know LA.