Selena Gomez Returns To The Kitchen For 'Selena + Chef' Season Two

More home-cooked meals with the world's best chefs.

In 2020, Selena Gomez added another role to her resumé: amateur chef. Her HBO Max show Selena + Chef brought the singer and self-proclaimed foodie into her kitchen where some of the world's best chefs taught her how to cook fabulous meals on her own. Each party cooked from the comfort and safety of their own homes, and through much trial and error, a meal was born. The cooking is set to continue with season two, which premieres on January 21.

"Season two is bringing so much more to the table: amazing chefs who I had a blast filming with, delicious new recipes, and more of me accidentally setting things on fire," quipped Gomez, referring to last season's humorous culinary gaffe in which she opened her oven to a full-blown fire. It happens!

The inaugural season of Selena + Chef brought cuisines from across the globe and food groups, including traditional omelets, spicy miso ramen, Korean breakfast tacos, seafood tostadas, matcha chocolate chip cookies, and so much more. Not only did Gomez get coached by all-star chefs like Roy Choi, Jon & Vinny, and Nyesha Arrington, she also donated $10,000 to a food-related charity of the professional chef's choosing at the end of each episode.