10 Shows As Ridiculously Unrealistic As Emily In Paris

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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Emily In Paris is one of those rare shows that has both Americans and the French losing it over how unrealistic it is. Emily, a midwestern marketing bootlicker, moves to Paris for a job where she's immediately ostracized for being an American dork. She's barely good at her job, refuses to engage with the culture on a meaningful level, and every man she meets wants to have sex with her. It's so bad that it might be camp, and brings to mind all the other delightfully unrealistic shows of the past and present. Take a look and see.

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Sex and the City

Darren Star knows what he likes and it's delusional women in big cities, baby! Carrie Bradshaw somehow spent $40,000 on designer shoes (famously the amount needed for the downpayment on her Upper East Side co-op) on a writer's salary. Make it make sense! (Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime)

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Gossip Girl

You're telling me a bunch of one-percenters couldn't hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of Gossip Girl's identity? In this surveillance state? (Netflix, Amazon Prime)

Love Island (UK)

Absolutely nothing makes sense about the pure heterosexual mayhem of the hit summertime reality series and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Also, it must be said: the UK version is the only true Love Island experience. End of discussion! (Hulu)

The Great

Tony McNamara's retelling of Catherine the Great's ascension to the Russian throne is unrealistic in its embellished historical inaccuracy. That being said, it's a fun watch full of sharp wit, aristocratic cattiness, and frothy gowns. Live a little! (Hulu)

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The 100

The 100 is one of the most unhinged teen show concepts in existence. Set in the future, delinquents from a space community are sent back down to Earth as punishment-slash-guinea-pigs to see if the planet is once again habitable for humans. They're all young and sexy, of course! (Netflix)

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Grey's Anatomy

There's simply not enough hours in the day to save lives and have that much sex. Can we get a fact checker on this? (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime)


Listen, I'd love more than anything to live in a world in which bohemian layabouts could afford spacious apartments in the prime real estate of downtown Manhattan. (Netflix)

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Not to harp on New York City-based shows, but we can't talk about unrealistic shows without talking about Girls. Lena Dunham's millennial comedy was hilarious and ground-breaking in its own way, but it's unlikely anyone can galavant around the city the way Hannah Horvath did without a steady job (or a trust fund). Spoiler: she has neither. (HBO)

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Gilmore Girls

The story of a mother and daughter (and their entire small town) against the world (the mother's monied family who only wants to spend time with them). Lorelei and Rory only know high-speed, witty banter, coffee addiction as a personality, and eating out every single night. (Netflix)

The CW

The FBI asking teens for help, a crack-type drug called Jingle Jangle, Archie Andrews' particular shade of red hair...this list could go on for miles. (Netflix)

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