IVE’s Stoic Girl Anthem & 9 Other New Songs Out This Week

Normani returns, and BIBI and Jackson Wang turn up the heat.

Every week, we bring you SOUNDCHECK — your destination for the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week's roundup features 10 of our favorite emerging and established artists.

“BlueHeart” - IVE

IVE’s Wonyoung told NYLON that she wrote “BlueHeart” about her experience navigating an “aggressive” industry, but what she didn’t mention was how much of a bop the song is.

“1:59” - Normani, Gunna

If “1:59” is any indication, Normani’s (very) long-awaited debut album will be in the vein of super silky early-aughts R&B.

“Big Time Nothing” - St. Vincent

A ripping guitar riff, an insane bassline, a sung-rapped St. Vincent verse, and maybe maracas (?) make this the weirdest St. Vincent song — in the best way.

“Feeling Lucky” - BIBI & Jackson Wang

The chemistry — vocal! on-screen! — between BIBI and Jackson Wang is off the charts.

“Rentrer chez moi” - Christine and the Queens

Over the past two years, Christine and the Queens has been grappling with his gender expression, releasing albums and plays about his journey. His ethereal, latest song, however, feels like his definitive thesis: about returning home, not just to a physical place, but within the body.

“Like I Say (I runaway)” - Nilüfer Yanya

Ten seconds in and Nilüfer Yanya has already sucked me into her gritty and glam rock universe.

“Saving Flowers” - Salute, Rina Sawayama

This truly euphoric team up between rising London DJ salute and Rina Sawayama is about to go triple platinum on all the rave girls’ playlists.

“Right, Wrong or Right” - Kara Jackson

Hearing Kara Jackson’s voice, beautifully weathered like an old locket, is like stumbling upon lost treasure.

“Bad Dream” - Wallows

Disillusioned and dazed dream-pop for all your upcoming bad summer decisions.

“His Altar of Silence” - Kidä

We don’t know how to categorize this one: Emo? Hardcore? Punk with a jazz spirit? Either way, this electric, avant-leaning tune from New York City-based composer and scene-baddie Kidä is a must-listen.

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