Actor Robert Pattinson wearing a white shirt and gray suit in a church for movie Devil All the Time,...
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14 Southern Gothic Thrillers To Watch After The Devil All The Time

From the classics to the campy.

Netflix dropped one of its most anticipated dramas this week with The Devil All The Time. The film has it all — murder, betrayal, Robert Pattinson adding another accent to his oeuvre. If you found yourself intrigued by the film's dark essence and are looking for more, we've collected some of the best Southern gothic thrillers, from the classics to the campy, for a cozy cinematic weekend.

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The Night of the Hunter, 1955

A fanatical reverend who's also a serial killer? The epic battle between love and hate, good and evil, as told by knuckle tattoos? It doesn't get more Southern gothic than that. (Amazon Prime)