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14 Southern Gothic Thrillers To Watch After The Devil All The Time

From the classics to the campy.

Netflix dropped one of its most anticipated dramas this week with The Devil All The Time. The film has it all — murder, betrayal, Robert Pattinson adding another accent to his oeuvre. If you found yourself intrigued by the film's dark essence and are looking for more, we've collected some of the best Southern gothic thrillers, from the classics to the campy, for a cozy cinematic weekend.

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The Night of the Hunter, 1955

A fanatical reverend who's also a serial killer? The epic battle between love and hate, good and evil, as told by knuckle tattoos? It doesn't get more Southern gothic than that. (Amazon Prime)

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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, 1958

Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning classic play, brought to life by Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman, tells the story of a Southern family fighting over a dwindling inheritance, set in a plantation in the Mississippi Delta. (Amazon Prime, HBO Max)

Cape Fear, 1991

Jessica Lange and Robert De Niro star in a tale of vengeance directed by Martin Scorsese — that's all you really need to know! (Amazon Prime)

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Interview With The Vampire, 1994

A film about vampires set on a 1791 Louisiana plantation, that also happens to feature Kirsten Dunst's infamous first kiss with Brad Pitt. (HBO Max, Amazon Prime)

Eve's Bayou, 1997

Over a long, hot summer in Louisiana, a 10-year-old girl begins to question her family's true background. (HBO Max)

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True Blood, 2008-2014

Southern gothic thrillers absolutely include the horny undead. (HBO Max)

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Winter's Bone, 2010

Poverty's tragic fallouts make up Winter's Bone, the critically-acclaimed 2010 film starring Jennifer Lawrence in her breakout role as the teenage Ree Dolly on a search for her missing father in the Ozarks. (Hulu, HBO Max)

Beasts Of The Southern Wild, 2012

Quvenzhané Wallis stars as six-year-old Hushpuppy as she prepares for the end of the world with her father in a remote Delta community in this Southern fantasy drama. (Amazon Prime)

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American Horror Story: Coven, 2013

Season three of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology focuses on an undeniably gothic coven of New Orleans witches. (Netflix)

Stoker, 2013

Unstable families are a go-to within the southern gothic genre. Stoker starts off with the untimely and horrific death of the family patriarch, followed by the arrival of a mysterious uncle, followed by lots and lots of murders. Plus, icy performances by Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman. (Amazon Prime)

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True Detective Season 1, 2014

Time is a flat circle — a sentiment that makes perfect sense after listening to Matthew McConaughey's sad, Southern homicide detective Rust drawl on throughout this thriller of a season. (HBO Max)

Lemonade, 2016

A career-defining moment for Beyoncé, her visual album tells a complex story of grief, revenge, anger and redemption, amidst the backdrop of Bey's Southern lineage. (Apple Music, Tidal)

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Atlanta, 2016-present

Donald Glover's ode to his hometown has often incorporated elements of Southern gothic, from the infamous and surrealist "Teddy Parker" episode to Paper Boi's long night wandering the "Woods." (Hulu)

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P-Valley, 2020

Technically "Delta Noir," the lush P-Valley, a series centered around a strip called The Pynk, has Southern gothic in its DNA. (STARZ)

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