The Superhumanoids standing in an aisle of a grocery store for their new single


A Song To Be Sad And Dance To

a new single from superhumanoids

by Mickey Stanley

Whether it be odes to masturbation (“Feeling Myself” and “Love Myself”) or pop epics of adoration (“Trap Queen”), we’ve spent the summer pumping ourselves up. And why not, we've earned it. But there are times when a melodic declaration of self doubt and nervousness can be just as poignant, if not more. With their new single, “Touch Me,” off of their anticipated full-length record Do You Feel Ok? (out September 11), the L.A.-based electro-pop trio Superhumanoids manages to nail that feeling while still pulling you up off your ass for some dancing. The group, which is made up of Sarah Chernoff on vocals, Cameron Parkins on guitar, and Max St. John on synth, released the video for the album’s first single “Anxious in Venice” last month. Like “Touch Me,” it’s a disorienting, thumping tribute to feelings of loneliness and uncertainty, all powered by singer Sarah Chernoff’s beautiful yet forceful voice. Listen to “Touch Me,” below.