3 TikTok Tastemakers On The Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Paravi, Antoni Bumba and Khae share the trends they'd like to see come (and go) in the new year.

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If anything, 2021 was full of surprises. However one consistent source of joy was TikTok, thanks to the talented creators who kept us entertained all year long. With 2022 quickly approaching NYLON spoke with three viral TikToker’s to get the inside scoop on what trends they predict to see next year, and which ones they’d rather never see again.

Antoni Bumba (@antonibumba)

Antoni is a TikTok comedian who describes themselves as “the Black Bridget Jones” of New York. This spring they created “The BBL effect,” and went viral for giving everyone the chance to be their most fabulous selves. For the uninitiated BBL stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift,” and the aforementioned “effect” is the new personality that comes with it. Those who have a BBL — or at least BBL energy — are dainty yet demanding, hard to impress, and always the center of attention.

What trend would you like to see in 2022 ?

More travel vlogging from people who live in other countries. Like my friend Devin (@hal.baddie)! She travels to Turkey one day, next week Croatia, next week Uzbekistan.

I’m really tired of seeing the “Day in My Life as a New York City...” That has got to stop. The New York City vlogs? We’ve seen all of them!

What trend would you like to end in 2022 ?

Honestly, no hate to everyone who’s brand this is, but these little fashion transition videos are very 2019. Very 2020. It’s giving quarantine. I need ya’ll to really put a halt to it, like be more creative than that! Everyone keeps doing that jump change outfit transition, that has got to stop.

Khae (@khaenotbae)

Khae built a fanbase on TikTok the old fashioned way — by making relatable content from the comfort of her bedroom. Her videos feel like a FaceTime call with your funniest friend. This year she’s gone viral several times for her hot takes, book reviews, and witty cultural analysis. As she says, “the girls who get it, get it, and the girls who don’t, don’t.”

What trend would you like to see in 2022 ?

I believe a trend we’re going to see next year is celebrities and influencers trying to become “vulnerable” and “relatable.” It’s going to be cringe-worthy and I can’t wait. Some trends I would like to see are bedazzling belly buttons and vajazzling à la Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

What trend would you like to end in 2022 ?

A trend I would like to see end is nepotism babies with rags to riches stories. You’re rich, own it bitch.

Paravi (@pxrxvi)

Paravi is an Indian-American singer with the voice of an angel. Seriously though, her impressive range and buttery-smooth covers have racked up over 60 million views on the app. Famously known for her renditions of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and Beach Bunny’s “Cloud 9,” Paravi’s established herself as a musical force to be reckoned with.

What trend would you like to see in 2022

I’d love to see more music-based trends. Seeing as how this year was so insanely impactful in changing my life, social media has the power to transform the world of music, and any up-and-coming artist’s career. Continuing support for new singers and musicians will help provide a platform for voices and messages that might otherwise get lost in the crowd. I think the relationship between the charts and top performing TikTok audios will just continue to strengthen in 2022. I also hope the “I hate all [men]” trend comes back…just to relive some glory days.

What trend would you like to end in 2022

I think I’d like to see TikTok dances end but literally only for the fact that I don’t have the hand-eye-coordination to learn them. I look like a rubber chicken on puppet strings whenever I hit record.

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