Alexander Wang Wants You To Do A Kickflip In His New Thong Heels

Tony Hawk? I don't know her.

I shouldn't have to say this in 2020 (oh, God it's still 2020), but women can shred just as well as men. One person I do not have to say this to is Alexander Wang, who tapped Danyale Patterson, also known as Jibgurl, for his new Collection 2 campaign. In one of the videos, Patterson lands a kickflip in a pair of thong heels, and I'm sorry, but Tony Hawk could never.

The brand posted a close-up video of Patterson's feet nailing the trick in the shoes with the caption, " it's hard?⁣" Some commenters doubted that it was indeed Patterson skating, with one person writing, "Why didnt [sic] they show the face tho? Cuz its prb some stunt guy in heels?"

Congratulations, bro, you just played yourself. The brand followed up with a full body shot of Patterson skating in the heels, once again landing the kickflip and presumably skating all the way to the bank to deposit that sweet Alex Wang check.

For the uninitiated, walking in a pair of thong heels is difficult. Skateboarding in a pair? Few can only dream. However, if you're interested in attempting and have $750 to drop, the sandals are currently available to purchase.

Check out Patterson's skateboarding-while-decked-out-in-Alexander-Wang skills in the videos below.