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Are We About To See Guys Everywhere Wearing Connell's Chain Now?

Men are reportedly stocking up on chain necklaces, thanks to this Hulu show's main character.

The new Hulu show and adaptation of the novel Normal People has been an unsurprising hit, but the real star of the series is the chain necklace worn by Paul Mescal's character Connell. The simple piece of jewelry has become such a sartorial hit that it's even inspired men to start shopping for one of their own.

According to global fashion search platform Lyst's Insights blog, searches for chain necklaces increased 23% week-on-week. Within 24 hours of the show's premiere, "silver" and "chain necklace" became top search terms for men's jewelry, while searches for men's jewelry overall are up by 16%.

The love for Connell's chain has even prompted a fan to make its own Instagram account, which currently has over 38K followers, including famous fans like model Adwoa Aboah. In an interview with Refinery29, the show's costume designer Lorna Marie Mugan emphasized that the chain-wearing was very much intentional.

"It is the constant with [Connell]," she said. "He carries it right through the story. And Marianne says she recognizes it because he had it in school, so it was crucial that he bring it right the way through. He has nothing else really that stands out."

She also added that Mescal was very intent on the presence of the chain throughout Normal People, adding, "It was so important to Paul that the chain was there all the time.”

Lyst also reports that Michael Jordan has caused an uptick in searches for basketball wear, thanks to his ESPN documentary The Last Dance. Nike's Jordan 1 sneaker, basketball shorts, and tank tops have all seen an increase in searches since its release in April.

Crocs are also back for the spring season with a 32% increase in searches each month, with people being particularly interested in floral and leopard print versions.

To read the rest of Lyst's recent report, head over to its website.