Dior Shrunk Its Saddle Bag Into A Teeny, Tiny Size

The micro bag trend lives on!

Just when we thought we’d be swapping our tiny bags for big and roomy totes, the micro trend swoops in with yet another reason to still live on. On Wednesday, Dior launched its newest collection, which has shrunk its most popular styles, the Saddle Bag, Lady Dior, Caro, and 30 Montaigne, into teeny, tiny sizes — no more than four or so inches tall. According to the product descriptions on Dior’s website, these new items are only suitable to fit your AirPods, a lipstick, a set of keys, or only a few credit cards.

The small bag trend has been in the fashion spotlight for some time now, first spotted at Jacquemus’ Fall 2019 show with its ever-shrinking Chiquito bag. Since then, tiny bags capable of holding the bare minimum of one’s everyday essentials are now everywhere, from Instagram to the red carpet, with almost every brand getting in on the action. And its reign seems to still be going strong: As recently as last October, Chanel sent its mini-flap bags down the runway for its Spring 2021 collection.

But just because these accessories have downsized doesn’t mean the price tag is much different. A Dior Saddle Bag costs $3,800 while its tiny version rings in at $2,550 and the Micro collection goes up to $3,500.

Take a closer look at Dior’s new launch and its campaign imagery, below, along with a fun video featuring a few of the brand’s collaborators giving their first impressions of the bags.

Dior’s Micro Saddle BagBrigitte Niedermair/Courtesy of Dior
Dior’s Micro Lady Dior BagBrigitte Niedermair/Courtesy of Dior
Dior’s Micro Caro BagBrigitte Niedermair/Courtesy of Dior