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Emma Chamberlain Will Style A NASA Engineer And Postal Worker In New Instagram Series

New episodes will launch weekly on IGTV.

A pandemic and quarantine hasn't stopped Emma Chamberlain from churning out new content. In between the typical isolation hobbies of ordering Postmates and hair dyeing, Chamberlain was able to realize one of her other passions: styling. On Wednesday, she previewed her new IGTV series Styled By Emma, where the influencer and YouTuber will take her love of clothes and dress those who are less enthused by fashion.

"I love styling myself. I love styling my friends. I love styling my family," she said in the debut video on Instagram. "But one of my dreams is to style somebody I don't know. So I found a few people who are very focused on their life, their jobs, their families, and they don’t focus on their fashion sense at all. They don’t think about clothes. It’s not part of their life."

Chamberlain's styling clients include a NASA engineer who spends her free time making hip-hop songs about science and math, a postal worker and part-time caretaker, and a special-effects makeup artist and drag queen, all of whom are ready, willing, and able to let Chamberlain take the lead on their wardrobe makeover.

Watch the preview for Styled By Emma here, and check her Instagram every week for new episodes.