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This Fall's Biggest Shopping Trend Is Vintage Fashion

A new report noticed a big spike in shopping secondhand through September.

Vintage shopping is still on the rise. Lyst has released its latest data drop from the month of September, finding that there had been a 104% increase in search terms related to secondhand fashion.

Vintage bags and accessories from designer labels also enjoyed a bump last month. Fendi's '90s-era baguette bag continues to rise in searches, growing 40% each month, while Chanel's classic quilted double-flap bag had over 2,000 page views during September.

It's not just high-end brands shoppers are looking for when it comes to secondhand style. Search terms like "vintage fashion" and "slow fashion" have made enormous social impressions and taken up the bulk of searches, which could mean that consumers are becoming more conscious when it comes to spending money.

While many department stores and brands struggled to stay afloat during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in many companies filing for bankruptcy, online resale actually experienced a "COVID bump," reporting a 27% growth for 2020 by June. Tightening budgets coupled with a growing interest in eco-friendly and sustainable fashion practices have made shopping vintage and secondhand a booming industry for shoppers and sellers alike.

Back in June, ThredUP President Anthony Marino spoke to NYLON about the rise in online resale, predicting that its popularity would continue to grow in the coming months.

"Events like this can have very positive compounding effects for resale, so I think it will end up being a long-term bump," he said.

Check out the latest report over on Lyst's website.