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How Fashion YouTubers Stay Sane & Productive While Working From Home

They've had plenty of experience well before quarantine.

The lives of millions have been upended due to Covid-19, resulting in many who normally do not spend all 24 hours of the day inside their homes to do just that. People who are working remotely for the very first time are now realizing that it's not as easy as it sounds. I mean, the bed is right there, mocking you while also begging you to come back to it.

It can be difficult to stay productive while working from home, especially for those who are used to the structure of an office space. Perhaps you live in a studio apartment without a proper desk, or maybe you live with a partner or roommate who you're just now realizing does not particularly jive with your workflow. Fortunately, these are solvable problems.

Fashion YouTubers are full of solid tips and advice on how to work from home while staying productive and sane. Save for events and press trips, a majority of their responsibilities are done from home and they've perfected it to a science. Below, we compiled seven videos from some of our favorite fashion vloggers on how they've been coping with quarantine and how we all can improve our new work-from-home lifestyles. Get ready to make your bed!

Working From Home Tip #1: Take breaks

Derin Adetosoye is currently dealing with mounting schoolwork during isolation, which, honestly, sounds awful. She emphasizes the importance of not only taking breaks, but giving yourself something to look forward to during those moments in order to motivate your work time.

Working From Home Tip #2: Time block your day

In her own guide to working from home, Rachel Spencer, better known as rachspeed, teaches you how to time block your day, essentially giving yourself a very detailed, way more efficient to-do list.

Working From Home Tip #3: Create a workspace

If you don't have room for a desk in your house or apartment, allow bestdressed's Ashley to show you how to make the most of the space you do have, even if that means working from your bed.

Working From Home Tip #4: Stick to a schedule

Naomi Boyer is all about sticking to a schedule. Her mantra is "don't stop until it's time to stop." If you've set your schedule to end at 5 p.m., keep working until then. Did you happen to finish all your work at 3 p.m.? Go find some more!

Working From Home Tip #5: Freshen up

It may not be for everyone, but Shahd Batal makes a great argument for putting on a little bit of makeup to tackle the day, even if you're not going to be leaving your house.

Working From Home Tip #6: Leave your bed

If you struggle just to get out bed (talking to myself, don't mind me), Jenny, also known as Wear I Live, is not here to judge you. To make this morning task just a little bit easier, she recommends writing yourself a note to leave by your bed to remind you of why you want to wake up and start your day in the first place.

Working From Home Tip #7: Get some "me" time

Inthefrow's Victoria has been working alongside her husband at their home for years now, so she has plenty of advice on how to strike a balance with a partner or roommate so that your quarantine story won't end up on the ID channel.