Deb Never for Ganni's Fall 2021 collection.
Lana Ohrimenko/Courtesy of Ganni


Deb Never Debuts New Song "Sorry" For Ganni's Fall 2021 Presentation

The beloved Danish brand showcased live music during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

While the rest of the major fashion cities are still sorting out their Fall 2021 schedules, Copenhagen Fashion Week is just wrapping up. On Thursday, Ganni presented its Fall 2021 collection, titled "Love Forever," with a special presentation that made us miss live music even more than we already do.

"In these chaotic times, we wanted to create something beaming with energy, to spread some positivity and optimism right now. Our Fall 2021 collection is all about love. Our love for life, for music and all the things we took for granted," said Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup in an official statement. "Music is my biggest source of inspiration. I miss the dance floor and the energy that music gives me."

Ganni kicked off the "Love Forever" experience on Sunday, Feb. 1, as Reffstrup brought together some of her favorite musicians to rehearse and perform for its four-day livestream event, including Danish singer-songwriter Coco O., Zsela from New York, and L.A.'s Deb Never, who debuted one of her not-yet-officially-out songs "Sorry," along with her recent release "Someone Else."

Below, we caught up with Deb Never in between rehearsals to chat about new music, performing live, how grunge influenced her own personal style, and more.

What songs are you performing for Ganni's "Love Forever" music experience?

I’m performing a song that just came out a week ago called "Someone Else" and a new song that comes out next month called "Sorry." I'm excited to play completely new songs, adding this live aspect to it, because it’s so different from how you would hear them on Spotify.

Have you missed performing after nearly a year of no live shows or festivals?

Yes! I feel like I have so much pent-up energy that I get to let out in this performance. I love performing live more than anything. It’s my drug.

Nirvana is a big inspiration for your music. Did the grunge era influence your personal style, as well?

Absolutely, it’s influenced my music a lot. There’s beauty in imperfection and chaos. With my style that also translates — it’s this notion of just not giving a f*ck that I like.

Lana Ohrimenko/Courtesy of Ganni

Does your personal style differ from your style when performing?

Most of my clothes are thrifted, casual things. Stuff that makes me feel comfortable and represents me. My style is pretty unisex, but I like playing around with femininity. I don’t change my persona or outfit when performing. I like to feel like myself on stage.

How have you found inspiration this past year?

I’m really inspired by nostalgia. It’s so hard to be present when there is nothing going on, so I find myself revisiting the past.

What's next for you?

Stay tuned for “Sorry”!

Watch Ganni's Love Forever Fall 2021 music experience featuring Deb Never, Coco O., and Zsela, below.