Courtesy of Gucci


Gucci Could Take The Quarantine Pillow Challenge To Another Level

Will we be seeing this $3,000 pillow backpack on our Instagram feed?

It’s never been harder to get a 'fit off than in these times. While in quarantine, people have resorted to wearing pillows around their bodies, cinching them with designer belts to prove to Instagram that they still have taste. Now the viral "Pillow Challenge" has been taken to a level that no one should try to outdo with Gucci's $3,000 pillow backpack, which comes with leather straps and, of course, an exclusive, monogrammed pillow.

We should make this clear: Alessandro Michele surely didn't design this accessory with stay-at-home orders in mind. In fact, the pillow backpack first made its debut back in September 2019 at Gucci's Spring 2020 runway show during Milan Fashion Week. But we have to give it up to the creative director on how timely this item's arrival is right now.

Who is this for, you may be screaming into your hypoallergenic pillow from Target. The only person who comes to mind is obviously Scott Disick. (Don't ask us how we came to this conclusion.) Undoubtedly, the accessory will crop up somewhere on Instagram in the coming months, as more and more celebrities have succumbed to the Pillow Challenge. Anne Hathaway, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Halle Berry have all showed off their pillow style on Instagram recently. These are trying times, even for award-winning actors.

Hathaway even threw the world a nostalgia bone, channeling her Princess Diaries character Mia Thermopolis for the challenge, where she also managed to strap three pillows to her body.

"A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early," she quoted the film in her Instagram caption.

It's clear we are all bored, but that boredom could now be monetized in the form of a $3,000 pillow backpack. Hopefully, Disick — should he ever place a pre-order — will be satisfied with his purchase.