Harry Styles’ Gucci Collection Is Finally Here

You can now shop Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele's first Gucci collaboration.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles originally showed their HA HA HA collection (named for the initials of ‘Harry’ and ‘Alessandro’, naturally) back in June 2022, but now, after months of anticipation—it’s finally here.

Styles has been a face of Gucci for several years, often creating memorable fashion moments on the red carpet debuting custom tailored pieces from the luxury fashion label. Now, the long standing relationship between the designer and musician has finally materialized in their first collaborative collection that will be available to purchase. The HA HA HA collection will be available at Gucci boutiques in the nation’s major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas, as well as starting November 3rd.

The inspiration behind to collection is to expand the vision of fashion and relax the rigidity of masculine gender expression. Captured in the campaign, photographed by Mark Borthwick, “Styles enacts a theatrical piece that transforms the wardrobe into a platform of freedom,” per the press release for the new collection. And we tend to agree—blazers have never looked more fun.

The vibrant collection represents nearly all categories of ready-to-wear, from outerwear, to suits, vests, shoes, and accessories, all combing the influence of both vintage and modern casual fashion. If it seems a bit disconnected at the inclusion of both a white tank and stylized suiting—that’s entirely intentional. Per the brand, Gucci HA HA HA “represents the landing place of this inventive two-person journey. The collection is playful and designed to act as a new vision of beauty, crafted with liberating codes that eliminate the ritual complexities of fashion collections and produce the sustainable spontaneity of ease.”

Luxury meets creative expression in this new collection, that’s sure to sellout fast—as does everything that’s Harry Styles approved. Shop the entire Gucci HA HA HA collection now on

Check out NYLON’s favorite pieces from the new collection, below: