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The Hat Styles You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer

Bucket hats! Dad caps! Visors!

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Over here in the northeast, we're starting to experience the first few days of what really, truly feels like summer, which means that it's finally time to make a big wardrobe switch for the new season. Of course, a summer outfit wouldn't be complete without a hat (and a generous dose of SPF). But which style should you wear for the warm months ahead?

Luckily, we have five choices for you to try — bucket hats, dad caps, sun hats, visors, and crochet hats — which we dive deeper into, below. Chances are you might have a few already in your closet, but if there's a particular hat you've always wanted to give a try (yes, we're talking about visors here!), then we provide plenty of options for you to shop. Read on to find out more.

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Summer 2021 Hat Trend: Bucket Hats

Yes, the throwback style from the '90s and '00s is still kicking for another summer. But while designers and brands eased into this trend with simple styles in previous seasons, the current selection is bolder and more eye-catching this time around, from KkCo's tie-dye version with ample coverage to Topshop's printed bucket hat with extra pieces of fabric to tie under your chin.

Summer 2021 Hat Trend: Dad Caps

This particular hat style has been around since, well, forever. But only recently has it become as ubiquitous as the graphic tee, serving as a blank canvas for anyone's aesthetic and preferred logo, statement, or message. We've seen runway-worthy renditions of this humble hat by high fashion brands like Burberry, Gucci, and Balenciaga, as well as a slew of puns and Instagram-worthy phrases slapped on the front. You could have a dad cap for nearly every mood you're in, which why you can never have too many versions of this style in your possession.

Summer 2021 Hat Trend: Sun Hats

For those lucky enough to spend a hot day outdoors — while following social distancing guidelines, of course — a sun hat will keep you from overheating and reducing the chances of sunburn. Plus, they make for a very stylish fashion statement. When it comes to sun hats, we love any version in straw and the more dramatic the silhouette, the better.

Summer 2021 Hat Trend: Visors

Hear us out on this one: You might think visors are only fit for tennis matches and the driving range, but designers have added their own flair to the sporty style, making it more fashion-forward than ever before. Think neon colors, mixed materials, and playing with proportion.

Summer 2021 Hat Trend: Crochet Hats

This new hat trend is a DIY favorite, but for those who would rather shop for a crochet hat instead, there plenty of options to choose from. From Depop sellers to Anna Sui’s upcycled take (featuring Spindrift cans), this knitted style is going to be a summer staple.

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