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Adidas Officially Announces Its Collaboration With Bad Bunny

Plus, how to get your hands on the first sneaker drop.

After a successfully sold-out collaboration with Crocs, Bad Bunny is onto his next footwear gig with Adidas Originals, which was officially announced on Thursday. The Puerto Rican artist joins the global sportswear brand’s stellar roster of music-meets-celebrity partnerships, including Kanye West’s Yeezy to Beyoncé’s Ivy Park.

This also marks his first long-term partnership with a fashion brand, as well as Adidas Originals’ first time working with a Latin artist on such a large scale. While we can expect a number of product drops throughout the upcoming seasons from this collab, the rapper’s first release is his own spin on Adidas’ iconic Forum Buckle Low sneaker.

Titled “The First Café,” the sneaker style features buckle fastening straps that read “YO VISTO ASÍ” and an adjustable cordage (or rope) at the heel of the shoe. It’s also decked out in various hues of chocolate brown, tan, and classic khaki — a nod to the very essential cup of coffee that starts Bad Bunny’s morning routine — and a pop of turquoise from the Adidas trefoil logo on the double-tongue and the sneaker’s extra pair of laces.

“I have always loved sneakers since I was a kid. They were the essential detail of the style I wanted and the look I wanted to have depending on what I was going to do that day. I would go out with my friends and we would ask each other, what sneakers are you going to wear today? At the same time, we would talk about those sneakers we dreamt of having one day,” shared Bad Bunny in an official statement. “It’s something that defines you and at the same time it brings people together. Ultimately, it’s what accompanies you and adds style as you walk the path you choose to take. Today, it feels great to create my own design with people who I share the same sentiment. It feels amazing knowing that my next steps will be in my own sneakers.”

The Adidas Originals x Bad Bunny’s “The First Café” Forum Buckle Low sneaker will be available to shop on Wednesday, March 17. The sneakers will be sold exclusively through the Adidas Confirmed app for both the US and Europe, as well as Uber Eats exclusively in Puerto Rico as a special partnership.

Get your first look at “The First Café” sneakers, below.

Courtesy of Adidas
Courtesy of Adidas
Courtesy of Adidas
Courtesy of Adidas